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All Sun Microsystems parts are known by at least two numbers, the X-Option number and the Part number. This table is a list of several Sun parts that start with 390. The Sun Class Code for 390 is OEM Part. If you are having trouble finding out what part you have, we hope this table helps. The best way to find out what part you have is the BarCode. Every part that Sun Microsystems sells has a Sun bar-code. This bar-code has both the part number and serial number of the part. (The X-Option number is not located on the part.) Here is a sample Sun Barcode:


Sun Barcode

An X-Option may have multiple part numbers and a part number may have multiple X-Option numbers associated with it. Need help finding out what part you have? Enter your part number here to search our database

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Sun part number Description X-Option # Notes Link for more info
390-0025 Sun 10X DVD-ROM medium grey bezel X6168A   X6168A - 390-0025 - Sun
390-0028 Sun 20-40GB 4MM DDS-4 internal tape drive X6295A   X6295A - 390-0028 - Sun Microsystems

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