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Sun Single-Ended Fast/Wide SCSI/FastEthernet (SunSwift) Sun X1018A

X1018A - Sun Microsystems
Sun X1018A

The X1018A is a SBus interface card manufactured by Sun Microsystems. We gathered information from several on-line sources and complied it here. We hope you find it helpful. If you have any more useful information about this product, please let us know so we can add it to this site.


Workstations: Sun 4/15, 4/30
SPARCstation 5, 10, 20
Ultra 1, 1E, 2
Servers: SPARCserver 6x0MP, 1000, SPARCcenter 2000
Enterprise 3x00, 4x00, 5x00, 6x00, 10000

All Sun Microsystems parts are known by at least two numbers, the X-Option number and the Part number. The best way to find out what part you have is the BarCode. Every part that Sun Microsystems sells has a Sun bar-code. This bar-code has both the part number and serial number of the part. (The X-Option number is not located on the part.) Here is a sample Sun Barcode:

Sun Barcode

An X-Option may have multiple part numbers and a part number may have multiple X-Option numbers associated with it.

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Here are the X-Option numbers and Part numbers associated with the X1018A:

X-Options: X1018A

Part Numbers:


Sun Microsystems X1018A
Sun X1018A


  1. The minimum operating system is Solaris 2.4.
  2. The SUNWhmd and SUNWhmdu packages are bundled in Solaris 2.5.
  3. Solaris 2.4 packages are on CD-ROM 794-5626-01.
  4. The SS1000 and SC2000 require OBP 2.26. Refer to BugID 1228182.
  5. Install SunSwift in Slot 0 and DWIS/S in Slot 1 on E10000 SBus I/O board 501-4349.


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Sun FastEthernet & SCSI SBus Sun X1018A - Sun 501-2739

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SunSwift Installation and User's Guide , 802-6021.

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