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Sun Enterprise[tm] 4500 Server

Sun E4500

Processors | Main Memory | Standard Interfaces | Internal Mass Storage | Power Supplies
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Number: One to 14

Architecture: 167MHZ UltraSPARC[tm]; 250MHz, 336 MHz, 400 MHz, or 464 MHz UltraSPARC II
X2580A - 400MHz / 8MB Cache Processor
X2590A - 466MHz / 464MHz / 8MB Cache Processor
X2500A - 167MHz .5MB Cache Processor
X2510A - 167MHz 1MB Cache Processor
X2530A - 250MHz / 1MB Cache Processor
X2550A - 250MHz / 4MB Cache Processor
X2560A - 336MHz / 4MB Cache Processor
X2570A -400MHz / 4MB Cache Processor

Cache per processor: Primary: 16-KB instruction, and 16-KB data on chip
Secondary: Up to 8-MB external cache

CPU Interface: One to 14, 128-bit Ultra Port Architecture (UPA) slots

System Interconnect: Gigaplane, 2.68 GB/sec (at 84 MHz), 3.2 GB/sec (at 100 MHz)


System Boards

Number of boards : Maximum of eight boards per system (seven CPU/Memory boards, one I/O board)

Minimum configuration requires one CPU/Memory board and one I/O board

CPU/Memory board: Holds up to two processors and 16 memory SIMMs
X2602A - CPU/Memory Board - 0MB FRU w/o Module, 83/90/100MHz Gigaplane
501-5365 - Clock Board - 83/90/100MHz Gigaplane
(1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6 clock ratios)

SBus I/O board: Offers two SBus channels, three SBus slots, SunFastEthernet[tm], fast/wide SCSI-2, two FC-AL sockets

Graphics I/O board: Offers one SBus channel, two SBus slots, one UPA slot for Creator and Creator3D graphics, SunFastEthernet, fast/wide SCSI-2, two FC-AL sockets

PCI I/O board: Offers four PCI channels, two (short) PCI slots, SunFastEthernet, fast/wide SCSI-2

Main Memory

64-MB to 4-GB memory capacity per CPU/Memory board

Up to 2-GB memory expansion options (each a group of 8 SIMMs)
X7023A - 1GB Memory kit EXX00 (8 x 128MB)
X6738A - 32MB Fast Write Cache
X7021A - 64 MB (8 × 8MB DIMMs)
X7022A - 256MB Memory kit EXX00 (8 x 32MB)
X7026A - 2GB Memory kit EXX00 (8 x 256MB)

Internal Mass Storage

Host adapters: Internal SCSI to support the internal DVD and optional removable media devices.

Up to nine PCI-to-dual FC-AL adapters or PCi-to-UltraSCSI adapters

Disks: Up to 12 3.5"x1" 10000 RPM FC-AL disks, 36.4GB, and 146GB capacity. Maximum total capacity of 1.7TB
X5161A - 4.2GB Disk Board
(2 × 2.1GB - 7200 RPM)
X5162A - 8.4GB Disk Board
(2 × 4.2GB - 7200 RPM)
X5163A - 18.2GB Disk Board
(2 × 9.1GB - 7200 RPM)
X5164A - 36.4GB Disk Board
(2 × 18.2GB - 10000 RPM)

DVD-ROM: 10X DVD-ROM (standard)

Tape: Optional 12GB DDS 3 4mm or 20 GB DDS4 4mm single drive.
X6213A -
7 - 14GB 8MM
X6259A -
4 - 8GB 4MM
X6283A -
12 - 24GB 4MM
X6296A -
20 - 40GB 4MM

Power Supplies

X958A - Power supplies for E4500
Type: 2 minimum, 3 for N+1 redundancy, individual power cords
Output: 1100W maximum per power supply

One 184-watt Peripheral Power Supply standard. Up to four hot swappable 300-watt Power Cooling Modules (PCM) with redundant, dual-speed fans. One PCM required per two systems boards. Fully-redundant power and cooling available on this system.

Standard Interfaces

Ethernet: One ethernet/fast ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-T) twisted-pair standard connector ( RJ-45)
One MII for external transceiver connection (available only on SBus and Graphics I/O boards)
X1033A - Sun FastEthernet PCI Adapter (FE/P) 2.0
X1034A - Quad FastEthernet PCI (QFE/P)
X1042A - Sun Quad FastEthernet SBus (SQFE/S) 1.0
X1044A - Gigabit Ethernet PCI (GBE/P) 1.0
X1045A - Gigabit Ethernet SBus (GBE/S) 1.0
X1049A - Sun Quad FastEthernet SBus (SQFE/S) 2.0
X1056A - SunFastEthernet 1.0 Adapter
X1058A - SBus Quad Ethernet Controller (SQEC/S)
X1059A - SunFastEthernet Adapter 2.0 (Colossus Lite)
X1140A - Gigabit Ethernet SBus (GBE/S) 2.0
X1141A - Gigabit Ethernet PCI (GBE/P) 2.0
X1150A - Sun GigaSwift Ethernet UTP (Copper)
X1151A - Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF (Fiber)
X3150A - Sun GigaSwift Ethernet UTP (Copper)
X3151A - Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF (Fiber)

FC-AL: Two on-board sockets for GBIC modules (100 MB/sec, full duplex) supporting Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) (available only on SBus and Graphics I/O boards)

Keyboard and mouse: One standard keyboard/mouse port (mini DIN-8) on clock board

PCI: Two PCI short slots per PCI I/O board operating at 33- or 66-MHz, 32- or 64-bit data bus width, 3.3 or 5 volts (Note: Install appropriate voltage riser card in slot before installing PCI card.) )

SBus: Three slots operating at 25-MHz, 64-bit data bus width

Serial: Two RS-232C/RS423 serial ports ( DB25) on clock board

SCSI: One 20-MB/sec, 68-pin, fast/wide SCSI-2 (synchronous) per I/O board



AC input: 100 - 240 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz, 12 A(max)

Input power: 1370 W

Heat output: 4680 BTU/hr

Temperature*: Operating: 5° C to 40° C (41° F to 104° F)
Nonoperating: -20° C to 60° C (-4° F to 140° F)

Humidity: Operating: 20% to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing
Nonoperating: 5% to 93% relative humidity, noncondensing

Altitude: Operating: 3000 m (10,000 ft.)
Nonoperating: 12,000 m (40,000 ft.)

Number of cords: 1

Plug type-U.S.: NEMA 5-15P

Plug type-international: IEC 320, 10 A, 220 - 240 VAC

* Maximum operating temperature is 35°C (95°F) when using tape media

Regulations(meets or exceeds the following requirements)

Safety: UL 1950, CSA 950, TUV EN60950, CB Scheme (Nordic Deviation)

RFI/EMI: FCC Class A, DOC Class A, EN55022 Class A, VCCI Class 1

Immunity: EN50082-1

Harmonics: EN61000-3-2

Dimensions and Weights

Height: 34 cm (13.5 in.)
48 cm (19.0 in.) shipping

Width: 50 cm (19.7 in.)
60 cm (23.8 in.) shipping

Depth: 56 cm (22 in.)
68 cm (26.8 in.) shipping

Weight: 68 kg (150 lb.) approximate
72 kg (160 lb.) approximate shipping

Power Cord: 1.83 m (6 ft.)

Clearance and Service Access

Front: 47 cm (18 in.)

Rear: 47 cm (18 in.)

Right*: 16 cm (6 in.)

Left*: 16 cm (6 in.)

* Although 16 cm (6 in.) clearance is sufficient to prevent blocking the in and out airflow of a single system, to avoid exhaust air recirculation, a minimum space of 92 cm (36 in.) is recommended between systems sitting side by side.

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