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Sun Fire[tm] 12K Server

Sun Fire 12K

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Number: 4 to 52

Architecture: UltraSPARC[tm] III Cu: 900MHz, 1050MHz or 1200MHz
UltraSPARC IV: 1050MHz, 1200MHz or 1350MHz
ECC protected
X2530A - 250MHz UltraSPARC II
X2550A - 250MHz UltraSPARC II
X2560A - 333MHz UltraSPARC II
X2570A - 400MHz UltraSPARC II
(4MB Cache Sapphire-Black)
X2580A - 400MHz UltraSPARC II

Cache per processor:
Level 1:
ECC protected 32 KB instruction and 64 KB data on chip

Level 2:
ECC protected 8 MB external cache

System Interconnect: 150 MHz Sun[tm] Fireplane redundant 18X18 data, address, and response crossbar interconnect.

System Boards

CPU/Memory Boards: Sun Fire 12K: Up to 9 CPU/Memory boards, each holding 4 processors and up to 32GB memory (32 DIMMs per board, 8 banks of 4 DIMMS), providing up to 288GB memory per system, and common design across the entire Sun Fire 3800 - 15K server line. Also up to 8 MaxCPU boards, each holding 2 processors.

- Sun Fire CPU / Memory board with 4 x 1.2 GHz & 8GB memory (4 x X7051A)
X4006A - Sun Fire CPU / Memory board with 2 x 900MHz CPU & 0GB memory
X4007A - Sun Fire CPU / Memory board with 4 x 900MHz CPU & 0GB memory
SF-XCPUBD-2049 - Sun Fire CPU / Memory board with 2 x 900MHz CPU & 4GB memory (2 x X7051A)
SF-XCPUBD-222-1050 -
Sun Fire CPU / Memory board with 4 x 1050MHz CPU & 4GB memory (4 x X7053A)
SF-XCPUBD-4049 - Sun Fire CPU / Memory board with 4 x 900MHz CPU & 4GB memory (4 x X7053A)
SF-XCPUBD-481-1050 - Sun Fire CPU / Memory board with 4 x 1050 MHz & 8GB memory (4 x X7051A)
SF-XCPUBD-F4169 - Sun Fire CPU / Memory board with 4 x 900MHz CPU & 16GB memory (4 x X7056A)

I/O: Sun Fire 12K: 9 I/O hubs support up to 36 I/O hot-swappable PCI slots. 18 slots are 66MHz, 18 slots are 33MHz.

System Controller: 2 redundant system controllers. Automatic system failover of system controllers, automatic failover of SC clock and management functions, with no service interruption to users.

Main Memory

Sun Fire 12K: 8GB to 288GB memory capacity per system, up to 288 DIMMs total per system
1GB, 2GB, and 4GB memory expansion options (each a group of 4 DIMMs)

Up to eight memory expansion options per CPU/Memory board

X7022A - 256 MB (8 × 32MB DIMMS)
X7023A -1 GB (8 × 128MB DIMMS)
X7025A - E10000 Memory Board

Standard Interface

Ethernet: One ethernet/fast ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) standard twisted-pair port (RJ-45) per system controller board.
X1044A - Gigabit Ethernet (GBE/P) 1.0
X1045A - Gigabit Ethernet (GBE/S) 1.0
X1049A - Sun Quad FastEthernet (SQFE/S) 2.0
X1059A - SunFastEthernet Adapter 2.0 (Colossus Lite)
X1140A - Gigabit Ethernet (GBE/S) 2.0
X1141A - Gigabit Ethernet (GBE/P) 2.0
X1151A - Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF
X2721A - SuperStack II Entry Hub
X2722A - SuperStack II Entry Hub
X3151A - Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF

PCI: Four slots per hsPCI assembly supporting up to two 33-MHz and two 33/66-MHz industry standard PCI boards.

Serial: One RS-232 serial TTYA port (mini-DIN8) per system controller board.

Internal Mass Storage

Disks (Internal - System Controller Peripheral Board): 2 mirrored 18.2GB or 73.4GB 10000 RPM Disk Drives (system controller boot disks)
SG-ARY154A-72R4 - 72GB (4 × 18.2GB) 10000 RPM
SG-ARY173A-145R4 - 145GB (4 × 36.4GB) 10000 RPM
SG-ARY154A-218R4 - 218GB (12 × 18.2GB) 10000 RPM
SG-ARY173A-436R4 - 436GB (12 × 36.4GB) 10000 RPM
SG-DSK010C-18G - StorEdge UniPack - 18.2GB 10000 RPM
X9645A - StorEdge UniPack tray

Disk Arrays (External - Peripheral Cabinet): Sun StorEdge[tm] S1 *

DVD-ROM (Internal - System Controller Peripheral Board): 10X DVD-ROM Drive

Tape (Internal - System Controller Peripheral Board): 20-40 GB 4 mm DDS-4 Tape Drive

* - Primary boot device for Sun Fire 12K / 15K.

Power Supplies

N+1 redundant
6 dual-input AC-to-48 volt DC power supplies
Two power cables go to each supply, so they can connect to separate power grids (12 power cords)
X9685A - Sun Type A135 2000 Watt Power Supply
X3875A - AC Input Module
X9681A - Remote Power Control Module


AC power: 200 - 240 VAC, single phase, 47 - 63 Hz; requires 12 - 30 A circuits.

Input power: 12,965 W

Heat Output: 44,081 BTU /hr (up to 9 slots occupied)
81,352 BTU/hr (up to 18 slots occupied)

Temperature: Optimal: 21° C to 23° C (70° F to 74° F)
Operating: 10° C to 35° C (50° F to 95° F)
Nonoperating: -20° C to 60° C (-4° F to 140° F)

Humidity: Optimal: 45% to 50% relative humidity, noncondensing
Operating: 20% to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing
Nonoperating: up to 93% relative humidity, noncondensing

Altitude: Operating: 3000 m (10,000 ft.)
Nonoperating: 12,000 m (40,000 ft.)

Plug type - U.S. & Japan: NEMA L6-30P

Plug type - International: IEC 309, single phase, 32 A

1 - derate 2° C for every 1 km up to 3 km

Regulations(Meets or exceeds the following requirements)

Safety: UL 1950, CUL CAN/CSA 22:2 M950, TUV EN60950

RFI/EMI FCC Immunity: Class A, EN50021-1 Class A, EN50082-1

Dimensions and Weights

Height: 191.8 cm (75.5 in.)
203.2 cm (80.0 in.) shipping

Width: 84.6 cm (33.3 in.)
121.9 cm (48.0 in.) shipping

Depth: 163.8 cm (64.5 in.)
191.8 cm (75.5 in.) shipping

Weight: 996.1 kg (2191.5 lb.); 1198.4 kg (2636.5 lb.) shipping

Power Cord: 457 cm (15.0 ft.)

Clearance and Service Access

Front: 111.8 cm (44.0 in.) service access

Rear: 111.8 cm (44.0 in.) service access


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Sun Fire [tm] 12K

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